Why the Teen Wolf fandom is the W O R S T, a (kind of) master post. 

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At today’s NYCC (from ladystonehaunts):

The moderator said that questions were asked on twitter, and Sterek was the #1 question. In response, Jeff winced a little and said “So about Colton leaving…” to try and jokingly change the subject. But then he went on to say that “fans are married to the idea of Sterek.” He asked the audience “Would you like to see Stiles get together with Lydia?” and received loud boos, was kind of surprised by how vigorous the reaction was. Also asked “Would you like to see Stiles with Allison?” some boos in the audience, but also laughter.

Tyler interrupted “Why am I not included in any of this?”

Later on in the panel (from ghoulkitty):

There were Teen Wolf cosplayers in the front row. Before the panel starts Tyler looks down and sees the lacrosse uniforms and is super impressed and pleased…. until he noticed there is no number 11. He immediately asks where number 11 is, noting there are multiple number 24s. A cosplayer tells him that the jersey they are wearing has Stile’s number (as if he doesn’t KNOW THIS?). He says he is aware of that, he just wants to know why no one is wearing HIS jersey. They eventually find the person in their cosplay group in the number 11 jersey and he looks at them, smiles really wide and then says good, as long as there is one I am happy.

This isn’t the first time Tyler Posey has commented on the fandom’s one track mind in regards to what they take away from the show. He did an interview with Geek’d Australia, where he said:

“I just learned what “shipping” was. (laughs) It’s when they put two different characters together that really shouldn’t be together. So I guess the fans really like Stiles and Derek together. So I think that’s been the biggest response to far. It’s very odd! Our fans are a little peculiar sometimes, but I don’t know. I think, there’s a lot more to the show than that! (laughs) You know there’s a lot of stuff that happened this season that I think some of the fans missed. We have a very funny fan base you know? But yeah, the show was really really good this season…”

So, basically, the experience that the lead actor of a show whose fandom has a very large presence, from the network holding a fanfiction contest, to the actors constantly tweeting fanart and other random things they find that were created by the fans? Has been about telling him that his presence on the show doesn’t matter to them. That they are too consumed with a ship to actually care about his character, him as an actor, or what everything else about the show actually brings to it. Like, how fucked up is that?

And, of course, there are all the daily occurrences of ableism aimed towards Scott (calling him a potato, depicting his ability to tie his shoes in fics as this huge thing for him- like it’s not even possible that he could perform simple tasks because the fandom thinks he’s SO DUMB, OMG), posts about how Posey can pass as white (ummm????), constantly calling for Stiles to be the main character, the intense racism the fandom throws his way (depicting Scott/Posey as a dog in fanart while every other character is human), and contributing to an almost fandom-wide attempt to erase Scott all together. I mean, how many of the people who watch the show because of Tumblr even knew that Scott existed, since all that Tumblr will post about it is Sterek? 

Basically, this fandom is the most toxic, offensive, ridiculous fandom I have ever been involved in. And I was in the One Tree Hill fandom for SIX YEARS (not to mention Glee and TVD).  

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